Fleximat 38 x 29 cm,green


Size: L 38 x W 29 cm.

Place the cutting mat with anti-slip side on a flat surface. The fleximat will therefore not slip during use.
Because of the two ends to bend slightly toward each other creates a funnel shape. This operation is very practical because this way the sliced food directly, without spillage ends up in the pan. (The two ends never entirely toevouwen to each other. (The formation of a kink / fold makes fleximat useless!)
Rolled dough can be formed by the simple fleximat times.
Never use the fleximat as a trivet for hot pans!
In use creates scratches on the cutting edge. These, however, have no adverse effect on the material.
Easy to clean with soapy water. Dishwasher safe provided above placed in the dishwasher!